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Something About Shandy

Usually on Sunday, I’m at home watching a movie on Netflix or stressing out about what homework assignment I have due the next day. This Sunday was way different. I was planning on going to a friend’s birthday party (until things got complicated because her boyfriend didn’t have an address) but I ended up at a cheap grocery store trying to figure out what beer to buy. I didn’t want to get the typical beer that I always get, which is Coors Light. My friend Quenten advised that I try this amazing beer that he’s obsessed with called Leinenkugel Orange Shandy. I already had a hard time saying it, so I was pretty skeptical about getting a beer I’ve never tried before. “Do you like the taste of orange?” He said. I told him yeah, and before you know it I’m buying it and drinking the entire six pack. I’ve never tasted something so fruity with the taste of beer in my life. It was amazingly delicious. It reminded me of summer. I could almost imagine myself laying by the pool, drinking Orange Shandys and listening to music, although it’s pretty chilly at the moment. I will definitely be buying this more often.

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Expect the Unexpected

There’s something a lot of people don’t know about me unless I tell them. Yes, I really love food and this is a food blog, but I think that you guys should know a cool fact about me. I own a secret Tumblr, although it’s not really a secret to some people. No one knows my identity except for a few friends that follow me. Back in 2011 I was an “artsy” bored teen with no job who stayed up late at night to write about irrelevant things going on in my life along with making collages on photo shop. This one collage that I made changed my Tumblr forever, earning 10,240 notes.


I was shocked and confused to why it got so many notes. The caption was super simple and described nothing about it. “I made this last night when I was super bored~” Looking at that now I’m like what the hell was I thinking, but then I realized why it was reblogged so many times. Girls like anything floral and everything Marilyn Monroe. Putting those two together equaled the holy grail. My messages blew up, my following increased, and this exposed me to something awesome back in my prime of making collages and being on Tumblr 24/7.

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Cosmopolitian Chocolate Martini

I’m a big fan of chocolate. I’m also a big fan of martinis. Putting chocolate and martinis together equals the perfect mix of satisfaction, happiness, joy, love, and liquor. This chocolate martini was blessed upon me by a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas. She thought it would be the best idea to get day drunk at 11 A.M.
This little situation started when we went to a Mexican Restaurant at the Miracle Mile Mall. She ordered 4 rounds of tequila shots and 4 sugary-lemon expensive shots. The shots were so expensive that I couldn’t even pronounce the name of the liquor that was in it. After the shots on deck party that we had, we decided to walk across the street to the Cosmopolitan.

This was my second visit to Las Vegas since my 21st birthday last year and I’ve never been to the Cosmo. Once we walked in, she asked me if I wanted a chocolate martini. I told her sure, yeah. I like chocolate so this couldn’t be bad. She excitedly told me about how these martinis are the holy grail of martinis. I’ve never seen anyone in my life talk about alcoholic beverages the way that she did, but she was drunk.
She yelled at the bartender to make us two chocolate martinis and it caught me off guard because she was so loud.

Once we got our martinis, a tear almost fell from my eye. It looked like ice cream. It was so beautifully made that I didn’t want to drink it. Of course being the “food blogger” that I am, I had to pull out my Canon T3I out my bag and take multiple pictures of it.



I’m surprised that the bartender didn’t look at me weird. Then again it was Vegas, the city where you can find a ton of weird people.
I finally stopped taking pictures of my new found love and started drinking it. The liquor was strong, the whipped cream was cold, and the chocolate was heavenly. I have no idea what the bartender made this martini with, but I would definitely take more drink advice from my drunk friend more often while I’m in Vegas.

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Brunch Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1

Brunch is important. If you aren’t drinking a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary on one of the two days, then you’re doing something wrong with your life. It’s always best to start your weekends off right with a little positivity, alcohol, breakfast, and good friends. It’s a bonus if you’re outside on a patio with warm weather. On the I Love Memphis blog, there is an amazing brunch guide for different areas of Memphis that I plan to take on weekend by weekend. This guide is my new Memphis brunch bible and I couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s a brunch guide for East Memphis, Downtown, and Midtown. The area that I plan to take over first is Midtown.

Destiny’s Midtown Brunch List:

  1.   Alchemy: They have $5 Bloody Marys and Mimosas. I can’t say no to that. Who wouldn’t like $5 drinks? As an added bonus, they have a check list for garnishes. I’m already calculating how much money to have just in case I want four mimosas and two Bloody Marys.
  2.  The Bayou: I just gasped at their menu. Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Mimosas are $3. Jesus take the wheel now. Possibly the best drink deal of a lifetime. I’m a huge fan of Cajun food also, so the omelets, benedicts, hash browns, and everything else on the menu doesn’t look that bad.
  3.  Brushmark Restaurant: If I’m feeling classy, sophisticated, and wanted to brunch in style, I would go to the Brushmark. Located inside the Brook’s Museum of Art, there’s a panoramic view of Overton Park and the atmosphere is relaxing. I feel like brunch here would be Instagram worthy.
  4.  Chiwawa Midtown: $4 Mimosas and $5 Bloody Marys, the drinks are in my price range and they have an amazing patio. Patio + drinks = perfect day already.
  5.  Boscos: Live music, drinks, an endless brunch menu and patio. I’m sold on this. I’m also a big fan of latte’s, espressos, and cappuccinos and they have it.

If there are any other brunch worthy places in Midtown that deserve to be on my list, leave a comment. I’ll do everything I can to discover, brunch it up, and add it to my fabulous list.

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New Discovery: Lafayette’s isn’t Just a Place for Drunk People and Pizza

This weekend I found out Lafayette’s Music Room was an actual restaurant. I wasn’t aware that Lafayette’s sold food. I knew that they did, but I thought it was only pizza for drunk people on the weekends. When I saw how crowed the place was for dinner my mind was blown. I took a look at the menu and I almost cried. Everything sounded absolutely delicious. It took me 20 minutes to decide on what to eat. It felt like I was looking at the menu of an upscale southern restaurant. I wasn’t expecting the menu to be that amazing. It has everything from Voo Doo wings, breakfast pizza, pimento cheese waffle fries, rotel cheese dip, fried green tomatoes, grilled chicken and sausage gumbo, po-boys, catfish, and more.
Here’s a sneak peek:


After two Coors Lights and watching the Grizzlies dominate the Trailblazers during the third quarter, the waitress walked over and I panicked. I ordered the first thing that I saw, marinated steak skewers and Midtown mac and cheese with shrimp. The steak skewers were typical steak skewers. I enjoyed the tenderness of the meat along with the flavor. Honestly, the steak was better than the steak at Texas De Brazil.


The next thing I ordered was the Midtown mac and cheese. It was heaven in my mouth. The best mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life. This mac and cheese is described as a pimento cheese baked mac and cheese with crumbled cornbread topping with a topping of your choice of chicken, shrimp, salmon, or blackened mahi mahi. It had the right amount of cheesiness, spiciness, and deliciousness.

mac and cheese
Now that I know that Lafayette’s has something other than pizza, I’m going to try everything on their menu. If anyone has suggestions about what I should eat next, leave a comment. I’ll do another review on what I think about the dish.

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Breakfast and Bloody Marys: New Orleans Edition

I’m probably hungover as I’m attempting to write this right now. It’s Mardi Gras and I’m in New Orleans. I’ve been here since February 12th and I can’t figure out how I’m still breathing and moving after consuming so much alcohol and breakfast food (mostly omelets and hash browns). Before I start talking about this amazing hole in the wall place that sounds extremely sketchy, I have to tell you how I came across this place.

It was 5 A.M. and I was awake. Why was I awake? It’s because I was on Bourbon Street and lost track of time. The bars were closing, meaning no more daiquiris, hand grenades, fish bowls, and delicious greasy pizza. I wanted and needed food as soon as possible.  My friends and I walked back to our hotel room and I’m the only one talking about food. Typical Des move.

I’m scrolling through the Urban Spoon app trying to find a restaurant that opens early, has Bloody Marys, breakfast, and craw fish. I found a good ole restaurant called Daisy Dukes located on the French Quarter, which kinda creeped me out at first because who would want to go to a restaurant called Daisy Dukes. It could have been a strip club/breakfast bar with strippers dancing on it, but thank goodness it wasn’t. It had all the qualities that I could ever want in a restaurant. It is open 24/7, has bottomless Bloody Marys, breakfast, and craw fish. I hit the freaking jackpot.

Daisy Dukes has a 4 star rating on Google reviews, 4 stars on Urban Spoon, positive reviews, and gumbo that will make you fall in love the moment you taste it. That was my first time trying gumbo and now that’s all I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To start things off, I ordered their award winning Bloody Mary.  If I’m not drinking coffee, I’m drinking a Bloody Mary no matter what time of the day it is.  It had olives, Cajun spices, okra, celery, hot sauce, a gallon of vodka and a craw fish that was supposed to be hanging from the glass.  I drank four of them and also got one to go.  This deal was only $8.00. Mind blowing.

bloody mary

While drinking, I ordered a Cajun omelet. This omelet was the holy grail of omelets, although it did not look like it. This omelet looked super basic, but one bite of this and you’ll want more.  It came with hot sausage (which was the best part of eating it), cheese, onion, parsley, tomato, paprika, cracked pepper, crispy hash browns with hot sauce, and a lovely piece of white toast.  This was only $9.95.

cajun omelet

My friends also ordered food, but it was only gumbo. Spicy Cajun gumbo with a hot buttery southern style biscuit, and white rice in the middle. I was jealous of not getting gumbo with my meal, so I just decided to eat half of theirs. What are friends for? This gumbo had shrimp, tiny pieces of chicken, different spices and whatever else is in gumbo.


I would give this restaurant 5 stars because everything was amazing, I’m in love with the gumbo (see what I did there), our waitress was hilarious and sweet, and it’s the perfect place to go after a long night/morning on Bourbon.  I will definitely be returning for lunch and for when I have to eat again at 3 A.M.

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Tweet and Eat

Most food accounts on Twitter look the same to me. Recipes, picture of food, something a chef said, what you shouldn’t eat because it’s unhealthy, blah blah blah, the usual. I decided to dig deep for some food related Twitters that aren’t so bad. I chose something local, national, fun, and kinda weird, but yet cool to know.

1. Hungry Memphis : Hungry Memphis is the twitter account for the food section of the Memphis Flyer. When I look at Hungry Memphis, I can’t help but cringe a little at their incomplete twitter account, but it is relevant to my food blog. Hungry Memphis tweets information about what’s going in the Memphis area dealing with food, re tweets of Memphis restaurants, what the person behind the account is eating, recipes by local chefs, and sometimes random pictures that have nothing to deal with food. I randomly saw a picture of a dog and I don’t know how I feel about that.

2. HuffPost Taste : Huff Post Taste is similar to Hungry Memphis, but on a larger scale.  HuffPost Taste provides tweets about your typical recipes, chefs, restaurants, and food trends. It provides pictures and links to accompany their tweets, so if you’re feeling a little hungry while scrolling through, you can always click on a link and it will direct you to their website with endless recipes.

Side note: Writing and reading about food while you’re super hungry isn’t a good idea.  I’m probably going to die of starvation by the time I’m done typing this.

3. Serious Eats:  Serious Eats is something serious, for real. This Twitter isn’t like the previous ones.  What’s special about this is that Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen follow this account, so it must be pretty serious. Serious Eats tweets about what I love and not basic bull crap. It doesn’t mention recipes down your timeline because that’s boring. Instead it mentions ideas on what you can do if you don’t have enough alcohol, quirky tweets about soups and more. You can bet that it makes soup look damn interesting. It even includes pictures and illustrations  making people want to read it. If I could be any twitter, I would be this one.

4. Foodimentary: Foodimentary provides facts about food. That’s it. Just facts. If you wanna know if today is National Pancake day, then you go straight to their Twitter. If it’s not National Pancake day, then it must be National Chopsticks day. Congratulations, you just learned something new about today. This is relevant to my blog because it’s important for me to catch amazing half-off deals on food and blog about it.

Just look at this. I like homemade soup. I like Nutella. AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE FREE TATER TOTS?