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Cooking Not Included

This isn’t your typical “oh let me show you that I can cook” food blog. There is no cooking involved, unless I bake some bomb-ass chocolate chip cookies and want to show the world. I’m a college student who doesn’t have time for that. Instead of cooking, I eat out. A LOT.  This is all about restaurants, pretty pictures of delicious mouth watering food and cocktails, my opinion of it all, and some other ramblings about food, because I REALLY LOVE FOOD. I’m that girl that eats a large pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s along with a side of bread sticks. Judge me.  As far as “food on fleek” goes, it just sounds really catchy and it came to me when I was listening to Nicki Minaj’s Feelin’ Myself featuring the one and only queen Beyonce’. There are two sites that I can depend on for a little “foodspiration”. (Food that inspires me to go out and find it and eat it.)

Refinery29: When it comes to websites dealing with lifestyle and food, this might be my go-to blog for everything.  The food and drink section of Refinery29 gives you the latest recipes in a cute and simple way, guides on different restaurants to visit, what you should be eating, and infinite amounts of lists relating to food. It keeps me very entertained with slideshows and colorful photos. Who doesn’t like bright colorful photos on a site dealing with so many cool things?

Cupcakes & Cashmere : Oh my goodness. If I could say anything about this site, it would be that I wish I could eat everything on the screen.  Cupcakes & Cashmere is run by Emily Schuman, who lives in Los Angeles, California. She blogs about anything that you could basically think of, but it’s the food section of her blog that gets me excited in a way.  The simplicity of the site and the way the content is organized is so beautiful that I could cry.

Photo by: Emily Faulstich




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