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New Discovery: Lafayette’s isn’t Just a Place for Drunk People and Pizza

This weekend I found out Lafayette’s Music Room was an actual restaurant. I wasn’t aware that Lafayette’s sold food. I knew that they did, but I thought it was only pizza for drunk people on the weekends. When I saw how crowed the place was for dinner my mind was blown. I took a look at the menu and I almost cried. Everything sounded absolutely delicious. It took me 20 minutes to decide on what to eat. It felt like I was looking at the menu of an upscale southern restaurant. I wasn’t expecting the menu to be that amazing. It has everything from Voo Doo wings, breakfast pizza, pimento cheese waffle fries, rotel cheese dip, fried green tomatoes, grilled chicken and sausage gumbo, po-boys, catfish, and more.
Here’s a sneak peek:


After two Coors Lights and watching the Grizzlies dominate the Trailblazers during the third quarter, the waitress walked over and I panicked. I ordered the first thing that I saw, marinated steak skewers and Midtown mac and cheese with shrimp. The steak skewers were typical steak skewers. I enjoyed the tenderness of the meat along with the flavor. Honestly, the steak was better than the steak at Texas De Brazil.


The next thing I ordered was the Midtown mac and cheese. It was heaven in my mouth. The best mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life. This mac and cheese is described as a pimento cheese baked mac and cheese with crumbled cornbread topping with a topping of your choice of chicken, shrimp, salmon, or blackened mahi mahi. It had the right amount of cheesiness, spiciness, and deliciousness.

mac and cheese
Now that I know that Lafayette’s has something other than pizza, I’m going to try everything on their menu. If anyone has suggestions about what I should eat next, leave a comment. I’ll do another review on what I think about the dish.


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  1. The Pimento cheese waffle fries and shrimp and grits are crave worthy! The hushpuppies are creme brûlée are all spectacularly delicious. I also like to order Shirley Temples when I’m d.d. I haven’t had anything that I don’t like at Lafayette’s.


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