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Brunch Works in Mysterious Ways Part 1

Brunch is important. If you aren’t drinking a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary on one of the two days, then you’re doing something wrong with your life. It’s always best to start your weekends off right with a little positivity, alcohol, breakfast, and good friends. It’s a bonus if you’re outside on a patio with warm weather. On the I Love Memphis blog, there is an amazing brunch guide for different areas of Memphis that I plan to take on weekend by weekend. This guide is my new Memphis brunch bible and I couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s a brunch guide for East Memphis, Downtown, and Midtown. The area that I plan to take over first is Midtown.

Destiny’s Midtown Brunch List:

  1.   Alchemy: They have $5 Bloody Marys and Mimosas. I can’t say no to that. Who wouldn’t like $5 drinks? As an added bonus, they have a check list for garnishes. I’m already calculating how much money to have just in case I want four mimosas and two Bloody Marys.
  2.  The Bayou: I just gasped at their menu. Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Mimosas are $3. Jesus take the wheel now. Possibly the best drink deal of a lifetime. I’m a huge fan of Cajun food also, so the omelets, benedicts, hash browns, and everything else on the menu doesn’t look that bad.
  3.  Brushmark Restaurant: If I’m feeling classy, sophisticated, and wanted to brunch in style, I would go to the Brushmark. Located inside the Brook’s Museum of Art, there’s a panoramic view of Overton Park and the atmosphere is relaxing. I feel like brunch here would be Instagram worthy.
  4.  Chiwawa Midtown: $4 Mimosas and $5 Bloody Marys, the drinks are in my price range and they have an amazing patio. Patio + drinks = perfect day already.
  5.  Boscos: Live music, drinks, an endless brunch menu and patio. I’m sold on this. I’m also a big fan of latte’s, espressos, and cappuccinos and they have it.

If there are any other brunch worthy places in Midtown that deserve to be on my list, leave a comment. I’ll do everything I can to discover, brunch it up, and add it to my fabulous list.


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