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Cosmopolitian Chocolate Martini

I’m a big fan of chocolate. I’m also a big fan of martinis. Putting chocolate and martinis together equals the perfect mix of satisfaction, happiness, joy, love, and liquor. This chocolate martini was blessed upon me by a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas. She thought it would be the best idea to get day drunk at 11 A.M.
This little situation started when we went to a Mexican Restaurant at the Miracle Mile Mall. She ordered 4 rounds of tequila shots and 4 sugary-lemon expensive shots. The shots were so expensive that I couldn’t even pronounce the name of the liquor that was in it. After the shots on deck party that we had, we decided to walk across the street to the Cosmopolitan.

This was my second visit to Las Vegas since my 21st birthday last year and I’ve never been to the Cosmo. Once we walked in, she asked me if I wanted a chocolate martini. I told her sure, yeah. I like chocolate so this couldn’t be bad. She excitedly told me about how these martinis are the holy grail of martinis. I’ve never seen anyone in my life talk about alcoholic beverages the way that she did, but she was drunk.
She yelled at the bartender to make us two chocolate martinis and it caught me off guard because she was so loud.

Once we got our martinis, a tear almost fell from my eye. It looked like ice cream. It was so beautifully made that I didn’t want to drink it. Of course being the “food blogger” that I am, I had to pull out my Canon T3I out my bag and take multiple pictures of it.



I’m surprised that the bartender didn’t look at me weird. Then again it was Vegas, the city where you can find a ton of weird people.
I finally stopped taking pictures of my new found love and started drinking it. The liquor was strong, the whipped cream was cold, and the chocolate was heavenly. I have no idea what the bartender made this martini with, but I would definitely take more drink advice from my drunk friend more often while I’m in Vegas.


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