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Expect the Unexpected

There’s something a lot of people don’t know about me unless I tell them. Yes, I really love food and this is a food blog, but I think that you guys should know a cool fact about me. I own a secret Tumblr, although it’s not really a secret to some people. No one knows my identity except for a few friends that follow me. Back in 2011 I was an “artsy” bored teen with no job who stayed up late at night to write about irrelevant things going on in my life along with making collages on photo shop. This one collage that I made changed my Tumblr forever, earning 10,240 notes.


I was shocked and confused to why it got so many notes. The caption was super simple and described nothing about it. “I made this last night when I was super bored~” Looking at that now I’m like what the hell was I thinking, but then I realized why it was reblogged so many times. Girls like anything floral and everything Marilyn Monroe. Putting those two together equaled the holy grail. My messages blew up, my following increased, and this exposed me to something awesome back in my prime of making collages and being on Tumblr 24/7.


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