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Something About Shandy

Usually on Sunday, I’m at home watching a movie on Netflix or stressing out about what homework assignment I have due the next day. This Sunday was way different. I was planning on going to a friend’s birthday party (until things got complicated because her boyfriend didn’t have an address) but I ended up at a cheap grocery store trying to figure out what beer to buy. I didn’t want to get the typical beer that I always get, which is Coors Light. My friend Quenten advised that I try this amazing beer that he’s obsessed with called Leinenkugel Orange Shandy. I already had a hard time saying it, so I was pretty skeptical about getting a beer I’ve never tried before. “Do you like the taste of orange?” He said. I told him yeah, and before you know it I’m buying it and drinking the entire six pack. I’ve never tasted something so fruity with the taste of beer in my life. It was amazingly delicious. It reminded me of summer. I could almost imagine myself laying by the pool, drinking Orange Shandys and listening to music, although it’s pretty chilly at the moment. I will definitely be buying this more often.


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